I-SPY are a group of the best and brightest young clinical researchers from across the world who are working together to ensure we are asking and answering the research questions that will help us to better understand the causes and prevention of spontaneous preterm birth.

Even with very advanced research techniques now available, rates of spontaneous preterm birth are not reducing

Spontaneous preterm birth leads to nearly 1 million deaths per year in children under 5 and affects 15 million babies a year.


In most cases we still do not know what exactly causes labour to trigger too early and research efforts so far have not found ways to prevent it.

Our projects

Take a look at the ideas we are currently working on. Three different lines of research are being developped by the group.

About us

We are researchers from 16 different countries worldwide currently collaborating on projects and research ideas.

Blog & News

News, dates and conferences. Also, get to know better and discover the objectives and specific research of our members.


Information regarding the configuration of the group, working style, meetings and future discussion topics and plans.

A Global Effort

To co-ordinate research efforts globally we are committed to identifying and reducing barriers to international research collaboration, establish how research findings can be best implented, work alongside and support each others work and research groups dedicated to preterm birth prevention whilst creating strong networks for future research work.

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